The Basement Workshop Mapping Project is a scalable digital humanities project that geospatially visualizes the narrative of the important community-based arts and social services activist organization through archives, sites, and moments during the organization's history. The mapping project is hosted on the Virtual Asian American Art Museum site. It is also shown as a part of the exhibition Imagining Justice: Asian American Arts Movements organized by the Mori Art Museum (MAM) from June 29-November 6, 2022. This MAM exhibition brings together objects including images, influential texts, and collaborative work that artists created during the 1960s-the present time as well as projects and thoughts from those working on research and scholarship on the movement, its history, and its continued legacy today into the future. The exhibition looks at major hubs across the US, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Chicago, Philadelphia, and the activities in New York City. The history as well as the documentation of the movements are the work of many networks of people and collaborations which is underlined by the MAM exhibition and the inclusion of this collaborative project.

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  1. Danny Yung publishes the Chinatown Report
  2. Spring

    Basement Workshop opens their first location
  3. Chickens Come Home to Roost storefront, a community gathering and performance space
  4. "New York: The Chinese Way," Basement Workshop's campaign to promote tourism to Chinatown
  5. Travel guide brochure for "New York: The Chinese Way"
  6. September

    Basement Workshop opens new location on 3rd floor of building
  7. October 1

    Brochure for Basement Workshop's Bridge Magazine
  1. Danny Yung's Loft / Asian Cine-Vision
  2. First performances at Asian American Dance Theatre
  3. May

    Basement Workshop and other community groups protest Confucius Plaza development
  4. Basement Workshop's Community Planning Workshop arm / Michio Kaku's loft
  5. Basement Workshop expands to new location (Keeps 22 Catherine Street for English classes and other programs)
  6. Children's Arts and Crafts Workshop
  1. Eleanor Yung opens Asian American Dance Theatre (AADT)
  2. Theatre group at Basement Worshop
  3. Asian American Dance Theatre (AADT) as a teaching space
  4. March 18

    A presentation by Basement Workshop's Bridge Magazine at Asian American Dance Theater
  5. Basement Workshop closes on Lafayette St. and returns solely to 2nd location
  6. New York Chinatown History Project (formerly Basement Workshop, eventually Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA))
  7. Asian Americans for Equality offices
  1. September

    An exhibition by Basement Workshop's Catherine Street Artists Project showcasing work from 12 artists
  2. February

    Peachfish, a collaborative performance piece
  3. April

    Play and poetry readings, exhibits, and workshops at Basement Workshop